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Nail Enhancements at Unity Beauty

We only us the best possible products for your nail care and have chosen Creative Nail Design, we believe that Creative is the best product on the market today. We have trained in many different systems and tried many different products and have found Creative to be the best of the best.

We offer three types of Creative Acrylic including Retention with and without primer, Radical with primer and Moxie with and without primer. As we offer a wide range of products, we are confident that if one acrylic doesn't suit your nails we will be able to offer you another that does.

All our Manicures and Pedicures include the full range of Creative Nail Spa Products. Most of the products we use with treatments can be purchased for home use.

We guarantee our Nail Enhancements and Natural Nail Overlays!!

We guarantee that our Nail Enhancements and Overlays when first applied will not just lift, snap or fall off. If you bang your nails the tips are designed to come away to the top of your nail, you have to really knock them hard to do this when they are new. If for any reason you did have a problem we will be happy to remedy it for you. Occasionally the acrylic we have selected may not suit your nails, this can be easily rectified, please let us know straight away if there is a problem. You must keep the nails if they have come away from your own nails so we can establish what the problem has been.

Nail Enhancements

Nail Enhancements can be applied to any natural nail to enhance the length and look. When wearing Nail Enhancements your polish and nail art lasts much longer but if you would like to change it in between appointments you can as long as you use Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover (which we sell at very competitive prices).

We us special tips for different nail types including nail biter tips, wide tips, narrow tips, extra curved tips, deep well tips and more depending on nail condition and the look you are wanting. We have Natural Tips, French White Tips and Glass Tips which are clear and therefore ideal to have with Nail Art. We also have a selection of tips that already have Nail Art already on the tips, and offer a large range of hand painted Nail Art.

Natural Nail Overlays

Overlays can be applied to Natural Nails that have some length to them even just a small free edge is fine. The Overlay is applied directly on to the nail bed with no extension applied. They are applied when nails are weak, brittle, damaged and always break. The overlay strengthens your own nail, still gives it a natural appearance and helps you keep your own nails long. When wearing Overlays your polish and nail art lasts much longer but if you would like to change it in between appointments you can as long as you use Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover (which we sell at very competitive prices in the Salon).

Caring for your Nails

Although Nail Extensions are long lasting, hassle-free, and wonderful for 95% of clients, occasionally you may have to work with us to find a product that suits your nails better Please be aware that every single client is individual and the products that work for one client may not work as well for you Should you experience any problems whatsoever please return immediately, we will do all we can to help you. If your nails just come off please keep them and bring them into the Salon with you. Yours nails are guaranteed not to peel or flick off when first applied, if you knock or bang them they are designed to come off so less harm is made to natural nails. Guaranteed applies if you purchase aftercare kit and use as instructed. It is essential that you bring in the full nail if it comes off this way we can establish what the problem has been. Whilst wearing nails there are some vital things you must do and some things you must be careful of, as follows:

  • Oil Your Nails once a day or as directed
  • Use your white buffing block to gently buff nails once a week or as directed
  • Maintain your nails every 2 weeks or as directed
  • Always use non-acetone nail varnish remover
  • Avoid products which may cause your nails to lift i.e. bleach-based sprays, wallpaper paste, products with high levels of oil or grease (like Vaseline)
  • Avoid using your nails as tools, try to use your hands differently
  • Be careful when cleaning or gardening, try to use gloves
  • Be careful when opening car doors, kitchen cupboards etc.
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To download a .pdf file containing further information on how to care for your nails, and details of the various After Care products available, please click here. .